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Aight, as usual i was watchin some MTV, while watching of corse come the commercials. Suddenly i See this Virgin mobile commercial come up with probably the sweetest beat i have ever heard. Now let me fill you in on what you need to know to recognize this commercial. There are 4 friends sittin at a table at a diner/foodplace/that serve coffee/ what ever you wanna call it. The virgin mobile slider V5 is sitting on the table and rings, the guy then grabs it and a bunch of scenes show up, "like the waitrace pouring coffee" then the "cook pushing a dish of food onto a shelf" then the guy says some line to his friend. While all of this is going on a sweet sweet techno beat is bumping. As i said before its the slider V5 virgin mobile phone at a resturant. Hopefully someone will know this beat. Drop one and ill be sure to watch the post's. :lol:
Well i did a lil research, and came up with that there are a couple commercials that that advertise the slider V5. So dont be mistaken by a diff one. As i said up above in that description there are a group of friends i hope someone sees it and recognizes the beat this one is gonna bug me till i figure it out or someone else does. :blink:
Aight this commercial was on about 4 times on mtv last night durning the new years eve special just thought that i would see if anyone recognized the tune.
I've seen it...right when the dude is about to answer his phone, the commercial goes into slo-mo. I don't know if you described that part in your first thread, because I'm on the page to I'm too lazy to hit the back button after I've already typed this much. Happy new year.
Yea bro thats it, sorry i missed that part but thats exactly the commercial now. hope this helps out on finding out the beat.
Thought id bump this up seeing how theres alot more users now on adtunes. Post up if you remember this commercial or where i could view it.