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Hey I'm looking for the classical song on the vim thick bleach commercial.. Anybody know what it is? Prominant instruments are Cello + Piano

Also I'm looking for another song that starts out with violins, then the first two words are 'You're beautiful', sung by a black woman.

Hmm... I've never heard of Vim Thick Bleach -- where are you located?

And, was the other song you asked about in an ad also?
I'm in Canada.. Maybe it only airs up here.. But it's a really relaxing song, heh.

And no, the other song wasnt in an ad :( I saw it on the end of an episode of sex2k actually.. And it got cut off 2 words into the song.. And it's another nice song, lol.

We've got some Canadian readers, so maybe they'll be able to recognize the music, and help you out!
I'm not Canadian, so I can't answer your first question, but I'm gonna take a wild guess on the second one and say that it's "I'm Like a Bird" by Nelly Furtado (by the way, she's not black). It's the only song I can think of that fits your description, but it could be something different. Anyway, it's still worth a shot. You can find it here at Barnes and Noble.
I thought the same thing, but didn't mention it, for whatever reasons... It's the only song I've heard with that opening line at least...
I'll check that out, sorry if I offended anyone with my presumptiousness. Thanks much.

I am also in Canada and was looking for this music. I emailed the company (Unilever) which is the supplier of Vim in Canada and they said the following:

The music in the Vim Thick Bleach commercial is a unique track that was
developed by a music house specifically for the Thick Bleach

We hope this helps!
Your friends at Unilever Canada

Too bad...I'm guessing it's not even a complete track, just enough for the ad.