Victoria's Secret Christmas


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I was watching NBC's The Apprentace and a victoria's secret commercial came on. It was a cool classical sng with remixed techno beat for the commercial. The song I know was also spoofed in that stupid Burger King Flash "ding Fries are Done".
Can you describe the song or know any of the lyrics? I just watched that but can't remember the commercials.
<span style='font-family:Times'><span style='font-family:Arial'>Who is the artist that performed the version of "Carol of the Bells" used in the commerical?</span></span>
Does anyone know what music is in new Victoria's Secret christmas ad "There si no gift like a christmas gift from Victoria's secret"
The New One Where Their All Like

Tell Me You Love Me

Tell Me Im Special

Tell Me Im The Only Woman In The World

It Goes On And On Like That

But Its Got A Traditional X-Mas Tune In The Background.....

It Sounds Like An In House Song But I Dunno It Might Not Be

But Yesh If Any One Knoes Or If Any One Knoes What The Genicic Song Is Called I Would Love To Know........

Tell Me Im The Most Inportant Woman In The World

Tell Me Im Timeless

Tell Me

Im Waiting In Anticipation!

Tell Me..........

UUGG Im Scarry

WTF Is Wrong With The Search!!!!!????

I Searched VS And It Gave Me The Old Slayed One.......

Then I Posted And Im Like Oh Well Maybeee

And I Go Throught All The Old Fourms

And Their It Is

UUGG Sorry I Feel Dumb

Maybee I Should Read The Search Tips Eh?