VH1 Victoria's Secret Angels Undercover



If anyone saw this on Vh1 I need help finding the song that was played as they started Heidi Klum's little segment. Like right after her name comes up on the screen in the white letters, this song starts playing and i know ive heard it somewhere before!

It has a distinct beat start similar to the beginning of The Deftone's song "Lucky You", but the song im looking for has what sounds like a female vocal. I just know someone knows what this is and if you do please post.

If anyone wants to watch the program it airs tonight at 10/9c on VH1.

Thanks guys!
A song was on the show near the start that sounded like a U2 song. Is it? Is it not? Can anyone help?
Not really other to say it sounds just like any other U2 song. Nice pic.
Are you serious! It's the same song played in the Nissan Armada commercial and i didn't recognize it.. haha! Thanks for pointing that out.