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hey guys...i was wondering if anyone knows the title/artist of the song that they play on the vh1 commercials for their shows. its instrumental and it sounds familiar to me like maybe it was in a movie or something...sort of transitional music or something. its in the commercials for breaking bonaduce that come on during the shows commercial breaks. theres usually a picture of bonaduce and then maybe one or two lines of text with this song playing in the background.
thanks.. its driving me crazy that i can't figure it out!
is it thomas newman?? he did soundtracks for erin brockovich and american beauty?
its also the music for the my fair brady commercials. its an instrumental.. a banjo i think. and they only play like 10 seconds of it.
Only Breaking Bonaduce one I know of is "Love Burns" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
I really want to know this too. Unfortunately, it might just be something created for VH1...but there is always hope. Hope someone can help! :rolleyes:
hopefully someone can help us with this one becuase its a great one. because i'm pretty sure i recognized it from a movie. i just can't think of what its from. maybe erin brockovich?