VH1 Goes Inside America's Next Top Model


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ok there's a song about 33 mins into the show. it comes up when they say the girls had to have this photo shoot while they were suspended in the air over this big hole. the song is rockish and it goes "it's a long way down and I don't think I can make it on my own."

also about 37 mins into the show, there's a song that plays when they're talking about that one girl's swollen lips. it goes "ci ci cinnamon lips" or something.

thanks anyone!
On VH1 Goes Inside: America's Next Top Model, there's a part when Tyra is talking about how she was standing in her kitchen and looked out the window and thought of the concept of the show then they start showing how they picked the girls for the First season. During that whole part, the song playing in the background has a guitar playing the same mid-pitch 3 chords over and over. Its a really common song that I think has been around for a while and is used in a lot of shows.

I dunno if this will help, but the guitar lick is mid-tempo and goes "duh-duh-dong, duh-duh-dong, duh-duh-dong, duh, duh" then repeats.

Its definitely from a rock song.
This song is killing me, I've literally heard it a million times.....

I know the descriptions vague, but...

Anyone have any ideas??
Yes thats the song im looking for too but i think i its a rap song because when i saw teh preivew for making the band 3 i heard that song and there was a girls voice in it.
Naw, its not the song you're talking about. This is definitely a rock or maybe a pop song. Its sortof sounds like the music they play when the hero is running to save someone before times runs out at the end of the movie, lol... there's an urgency in the song