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Does anyone know the song playing about 15 mins into the show, when they are in the lab? It was instrumental with some cool beats..electronic. Sorry, I know that's not much to go on...
Anyone know what song is playing at the very beginning of the episode?

There were three great songs playing in this episode if any knows any of them i would love help trying to find them
OK, I think I've figured it out. The artist is indeed Kevin Rudolf but it is not Let it Rock or In the City as others have said (you can hear those tracks on his MySpace page). The CD comes out Nov25 and it appears to be a new song from that called City of Dreams (some have said it's also perhaps called NYC). Anyway, there is a post of the CSI NY audio here:

The three songs featured were:

Falling Down by Oasis

City of Dreams by Kevin Rudolf

NYC by Kevin Rudolf
Mac confronts the victim's daughter (and suspect) in the "SecretU" headquarters. It plays as he enters and he eventually turns the music off. The vocalist was female and her voice was really sultry, so I didn't catch a lot of lyrics. Lyrics were "Don't want to be tested by God" or something like that.
Re: CSI: New York "Dead Inside"

Pretty sure it is Bible Days by Jessica Lea Mayfield

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CSI NY - My name is mac taylor

Does anyone know the song they were playing when the two detectives went into Nellys club to bust the guy with the neck tattoo. Any help would be great. THis was the episode with chris daughtry and Nelly and Scott Wolf and Marshall faulk.
Re: CSI NY - My name is mac taylor

These songs were featured in the episode:

My Name is Mac Taylor - 11/19/08
* Banquet : Bloc Party
* Better Than Heaven : Bloc Party
* Blood Brothers : Bruce Springsteen
* I Don't Need to Fight, to Prove I'm Right, I Don't Need to Be Forgiven : Mushroom & Eddie Gale
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CSI New York "Communication Breakdown"

I'm watching the CSI episode Communication Breakdown. The investigators walk through an Indian marketplace before visiting an import dealer. Does anyone know the names of the Indian songs played as they are walking in or out? Thanks!
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What is the song they play at the end of the CSI:NYC when that guy is riding his motorcycle?

I think this episode was played the other night when one of the main characters finds out she's pregnant and runs into the bathroom to vomit. The song almost sounds like a country/folk song sung by Sherl Crow but I'm not totally sure if it's her.

Thanks! :eek:
SO... I take it no one knows what the song is and I don't think it's in season 5 episode either. :blink:
SO... I take it no one knows what the song is and I don't think it's in season 5 episode either. :blink:
What season do you think the CSI: New York episode was from? What channel and date did you see it?
I saw it on CBS a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure if it was this season or last season. I know in the episode Detective Lindsay Monroe throws up in the locker room and Detective Danny Messer is in the locker room at the same time because he was trying to talk to her. Also at the end of the episode Detective Danny Messer is riding his motorcycle near the water and you see a bridge.
hi does anyone know the name of the background song in CSI: NY Season 5, episode 9, starting at 8:34 minutes into the episode, finishing at 9:28 minutes.

i'd really appreciate any help^^