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Heya, there is this new vh1 commercial, i did a search and didnt find stuff that related to my question. well...
the commercial is comenserating black history month and had a bunch of black athletes, so i thought it was going to be a nike or adias commercial, but was actually vh1. well there was a counter in the middle of the screen, either counting upwards or downwards, in the end it says, "black is beautiful"
the music had no words, just nice ambient music. hopefully its not a specially made vh1 music for the commercial.
anyone know if it?
Hmm... Haven't seen it. I don't think it's listed on VH1's Promos page either.

Did you see it during a particular show/time?
I too would like to know what song this was, it was awesome, the commercial had a countdown timer and old and new sports stars from what I recall.
hey hey, saw it again
this time was after VH1 all access it was during the ending credits. date: 2-25-2004 time: 11:30 PM est.
hope you can track it down michelle