Verizon Broadband "Richer Deeper Broader" rap concert

The featured group is called DOUBLE IMPACT. They are an unsigned band from the UK.

EDIT: Band's name is actually 'DDUBBLE IMPACTT' which is why no-one could find any information...

Track is called 'Move A Lot'.

Listen to sample here. rock man

What sucks is trying to find an ULTRA cool group that has the same name as an ULTRA crappy movie by Van Damme :(

Anyone know where I might buy (yes I said buy on the internet) or download this bands music? THey had to of been found somehow by Verizon...I actually REALLY like them.


Can you post the name of the group you found on Seems to be a bug in the link...thanks for the help thus far.
I just typed "Double Impact" into Amazon UK's music search...
I'd much much rather know who's in ad #1, the style reminds me of Tomoyasu Hotei. The horns into a breakbeat is awesome.
I am also looking for this song. Very difficult finding any info on them.
Need you help wonderful people of adtunes. I am lookin for the name of the song/band in the Verizon internet commercial. There is a guy in the commercial in his tub at the concert then he's in bed with his lady friend at the concert too... the band in that commercial is tight. Thanks in advance!
Anybody know the hiphop song in the Verizon Broadband TV commercial? It's the one where people are doing all sorts of stuff (lying in a bathtub, ironing clothes) while in the audience of a hiphop show. The band on stage is performing the song. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Sweet, thanks sophist. I swear I searched before I posted my question.

Does anyone know who the artist(s) are in the ad for Comcast about how you can watch live concerts with digital cable? The ad is set in a concert with two guys rapping while a girl is dancing away opening her fridge in the middle of the crowd. another guy is taking a bath. a third a guy is doing his ironing, etc.

I'm trying to figure out who those guys are and what the song is.
Hey guys,

I was just going to ask for this song too and found this thread. Did anyone ever find the song even with the correct spelling?

~ Mia ~
I'm trying to find out the name of the song (if the song exists, and the snippet of said song wasn't fabricated sheerly for the use of the commercial) from the Best Buy commercial where it's two black guys rapping, and the audience consists of your normal concertgoers, but also of people taking a bath, cooking in a kitchen, etc. I forget what the commercial was for, or even what the lyrics of the 'song' were, but I hope I provided enough information to get some help. Thanks to any who post helpful comments.

The song in the commercial is Move a Lot by Ddubble Impactt. Of course you all know that :) Here is a legal link for the song download. It is free for listening three times and cost 1.25$ to buy, however, when you sign up for weedshare (the distributor), they credit 5.00$ for your account so you actually get the song for free.


Here is the link to artists' (i think official) website. If you are going to buy the song, I would appreciate if you download from the link above since I get some credits to buy other music. Thank you...
DDUBBLE IMPACTT can be found at The track in the Verizon commercial is called 'Move A Lot', and I believe it's French they're speaking in the song. Hey, I guess those four years of French weren't so useless after all! Oh wait, yeah they were.


Sorry - just noticed that someone answered this already.