1. U

    Verizon Wireless "Join IN" Launch

    I can’t find the song from this commercial View: if some body knows this song or it’s interested please join
  2. J

    Verizon "¿Viste?"

    What is the song in the background? It's like the Spanish version of Japanese Pop music. Watch it here...
  3. S

    Verizon "More Everything"

    Looking for the song in a recent Verizon commercial. Female vocals. Some lyrics: "There's nothing more I can do but sing you na na na na na na..."
  4. C

    Verizon New Year "Faces"

    Is the music for Verizon's 2013 holiday ad specific to the commercial? The lyrics keep repeating, "I want it!" over a driving beat while a guy tries all kinds of Verizon gadgets on. They're still running it after the holidays...
  5. M

    Verizon Wireless Share Everything "Always There"

    If it's the verizon commercial with the kid playing the tuba, the song is "Axel F" from Beverly Hills Cop...
  6. W

    Verizon Wireless "Share Everything"

    Can anyone identify the music used in this new campaign? here are he links, each with their variation of the same tune:
  7. M

    Verizon Fios

    This commercial has been airing for a while and i was wondering if the song used in it is an actual song that i can find and download, or if it was made for the commercial. It only has one like "Its been So long" and it has a kind of Dance/Techno beat to it. If anyone knows anything about this...
  8. M

    Verizon HTC Rezound

    Verizon wireless is airing a spot featuring the htc rezound with hip hop Christmas music. Does anyone know the music from the spot?
  9. D

    HTC Rezound with Beats Audio

    Hello. I just saw a phone commercial playing a rap song in the background. A guy is walking through a city with headphones on. Cars and manhole covers are flying around him. He gets a phone call and the music pauses and the city around him freezes. I believe the product was a beats audio phone...
  10. A

    Verizon HTC Rhyme

    Anyone know what the music is for the new Verizon HTC Rhyme commercial? It was just released today.
  11. S

    NFL Mobile on Verizon

    How about one I keep hearing today: I didn't catch enough of it to know precisely what was being advertised, but it is Verizon and features a slew of "regular people" (read: nonathletes) catching a football from outer space (that is, off-camera). The tune is upbeat, sung by a female and, as far...
  12. D

    HTC ThunderBolt at Verizon

    New HTC Thunderbolt at Verizon -"Future Phone You" Ad I saw tonight. Anyone know the music? Here's the link....
  13. E

    Tablets Powered by Verizon

    PLEASE, someone tell me who did the music for this spot for Verizon's network, the one with the doors blowing off of houses:
  14. Guest

    Verizon Thunderbolt by HTC

    Trying to ID the music in this video. Anyone recognize it?
  15. W

    Verizon Apple iPhone "Test Man"

    Does anyone know the music behind this commercial? It is a brand new commercial with the Iphone & test guy. The music sounds like "immediate music" who has done the resent AMC commercials. Any Thoughts!!
  16. K

    Verizon "Best Network Line"

    The commercial is talking about other cell companies shouting at the top of their lungs and blurring lines...the part of the song in the commercial does not have singing but it has piano and an uptempo snare hit...i saw it today
  17. L

    Verizon Smart Phones

    I heard it this evening on USA channel during the House-a-thon. all I know it was Verizon, advertising smart phones, and it was a Latin-dance-tune such as you would hear on Dancing With the Stars. only words I recall were "I LIKE it" repeated...I've heard this song before! Anyone know? Thanks.
  18. farbeyond

    Dell XPS Laptop with Verizon

    Hey, I recently saw a commercial for the new Dell XPS Laptop that is partnered with Verizon and advertised about having JBS sound and used the song: New Politics - "Yeah Yeah Yeah" Get it at:
  19. C

    Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Technology

    Hey guys does anyone know the epic music in this trailer from Verizon? Sounds awesome!
  20. A

    Verizon Wireless Holiday

    Wondering about the latest Rule the Air commercial. Xmas setting, Madness' "Our House", but it's a remix with "Jingle Bells" added in in the beginning. Any ideas by who, or if it's a one-off just for the commercial? Nothing on YouTube for a link, sorry. Many thanks in advance.