Vanilla Sky

Does anybody know the song that's played at the end of Vanilla Sky the scene before Tom Cruse' character kills himself to wake up out of the dream just before the closing credits? This track doesn't appear in the soundtrack.
i`m looking for the song that plays in the club with the blue lasers...where tom cruise is wearing a mask...its not on the soundtrack either...
There were 2 songs in the club.
Africa Shox by Leftfield
and I think the one you are looking for is Rez/Cowgirl by Underworld :)
Originally posted by Bloodlessr@Dec 27 2005, 11:12 PM
No, its Indra sorry. :p
I was answering yashrg's question about the song played in the club.
Maybe yashrg will listen to both songs and see which he/she was looking for.
Maybe this will answer a few questions. The song that is playing in the club is Left Field & African Bambaataa - Afrika Shox. I think that this has been answered , but here it is again. The song at the end of the movie where he jumps off the building is Sigur Ros- The Nothing Song (Njosnavelin). I am still trying to find the one minute clip from when he was following sophia in the street after the accident. I found one site that has the song or beat listed "ebremix", but have not been successful with finding it.
Does anyone know the real name for this beat/song? I have tried to find "ebremix" and can not seem to find anything on it. Is this the name of the song or was it just something that was attached to the link inthe last post? I beleive this one is going to be impossible to find. Its amazing how a one minute tune can be so important. I guess it all goes back to the saying" We always want what we can not have" or in this case, what we can not find.
AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH I know they play Indra in one of the club scenes damnit!!!
Originally posted by Bloodlessr@Dec 29 2005, 11:25 PM
AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH I know they play Indra in one of the club scenes damnit!!!
They might have. But I remember watching it recently and seeing the blue lasers that yashrg was talking about and I looked it up then and there to see which song (because like yashrg said, it isn't on the soundtrack) If they played Indra....I might have missed it because I was searching for the other song. :p
Its playing like right as he walks into the club and then I think the song changes.

Click on or copy this link and it will go directly to a list of songs that were playing in the movie in the same order of appearance. You may have to scroll down towards the bottom to see this. It will be located directly above the reviews for the soundtrack. If the song was on there, it is listed in order that it played. Indra was the first song that played during the 13th scene which is known as REZ. "Indra" - Thievery Corporation was the first song then on to "Loops of Fury" - by Chemical Brothers and on to "Afrika Shox"
I see the frustration,and I hop to aleve some of that. While going through the channels, I ended up on Vanilla sky and watched part of the scene you talking of. There is a scene where he is in the club and its really blue. I heard this song:

Hooverphonic - Battersea
You're all wrong. The music in the scene is CLEARLY Benny Benassi - Satisfaction.
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You're all wrong. The music in the scene is CLEARLY Benny Benassi - Satisfaction.
:lol: rule!
So I was right!!! Indra is played in that scene!!!! Victory is mine!!!! Sort of. :rolleyes: