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the part in vanilla sky where tom cruise is... running through manhattan and no one is there, there's like a nice techno song playing. anyone know the name? thanks in advance :)
I know which one you're talking about and I can't think of the name of it.. here's the listing for it, it should be one of those songs. :)
You could also check the imdb listing -- they usually are listed in order of appearance and more listed than you'll find on an "official" soundtrack CD.
If I remember right, that was the tail end of "Where Do I Begin", by the Chemical Brothers, off Dig Your Own Hole.
think that this is 'Loops of Fury' by the Chemical Brothers but not positive...

if it is... you can find it on recent Chemical Brothers release of outakes and B-sides...(sorry, do not know name of CD)

I was just wondering near the end of the movie where tom finds out that hes actually dead and they did this whole after funeral party thing at his place...then penelope cruz comes into the scene and this music comes on. does anybody know the title?
Great song, great movie... and your answer

Spiritualized -- Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
a lot of the songs werent listed on the soundtrack but the one you are looking for is spiritualized - ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space

if its not that it could be

freur - doot doot
sigur ros - nothing song
Hi, anyone know the name of the song (not included in the original soundtrack) at the final of the film, when Tom Cruise jump in the sky. The song is very sweet and is a voice's girl.

Thank you.
I find it, the song is "The Nothing Song" - Sigur Rós

beautiful song, thank you for your answer michelle....
There is also a song by Sigure ros that is not on the soundtrack and called Svefn-G- Englar.

I know on sigur ros's album, the song name is in icelandic and it may be the same song but try that too.
In the club scene of Vanila Sky, there is a trance song playing in the background while Tom Cruise is dancing alone. It takes place after he is in the bathroom and the guys are laughing at him, then hes walking out on the dance floor while other people are dancing around him. Then he starts dancing by himself. Does anyone know what song that is. The melody is that of a pulsating siren like sound. I've searched and I am not sure if it is on the soundtrack or not.
I apologize if this question was already answered but I couldn't find the answer.

What is the name of the song that plays when you first put the Vanilla Sky DVD in the DVD player?

I went through the songs on the soundtrack and didn't hear anything that sounded similar.

Thanks for the help.
Yea I've been looking for that song forever. Anyone know what that piece is called?
what was that song when he was about to jump off the building. I didnt hear anything familiar to it on the soundtrack listing. help