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If anyone watches the USA channel, a couple of months ago, maybe like a year, they were advertising for thier new show that was coming called Peacemakers with Tom Berenger in it. If anyone has seen it and knows the song used in it, I'd really appreciate it if you let me know.
The song is also being currently used in a volvo commercial on the radio.
Is the song you are looking for:

Blur "Song 2"?

I know they used that in a Peacemakers commercial on USA, but I have not heard the Volvo commercial.
what does the song sound like? what style? genre? instruments? any lyrics? vocals? if so, male or female?
I heard a guitar and later, some drums, I heard no vocals.
A variation of the same tune was used in a Volvo commercial recently (for the S80). I've contacted them with no helpful reply.

The song starts with a simple guitar melody and then later breaks out into some semi-generic (although extremely catchy) mainstreamified-pregrunge near-garage guitar rock. (All hail the mighty-mighty-hyphen!)