United Airlines "Rose" cartoon


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Animated ad, man trying to get a job, has mismatched shoes, assumes he fails, Cell phone, him asleep in a plane seat. "Where you go in life is up to you"

What is the song in the background. Sounds like Gershwin! Anyone know?

yup it's gershwin...it's his 'rhapsody in blue'. it was the orchestral version, but i think the piano version is definitely worth checking out as well. :)

...i think united airlines purchased the rights to that song a little while ago for commercial use...
Thank you! It's been bugging me. I was sure it was something I should have known :p Good tune :)
who plays this version of rhapsidy in blue, and can it be purchased?
George Gershwin composed "Rhapsody in Blue." I have no idea who's performing it in the ads, though...

However, if you're referring to a particular United ad, called "Rose" -- the music was re-done special for the ad:
"Rose" was created by the Minneapolis office of Fallon Worldwide, and brings United's unique understanding of the frequent business traveler to life in a particularly poignant way. Animated by Academy Award®-winning artist Aleksandr Petrov, the new spot tells the heart-warming story of a businessman traveling to various meetings carrying a rose from his garden, which he delivers to his mother at the end of his travels. The story is set to a specially created version of United's signature music, "Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gershwin.
I just saw this United commercial that consists of cartoon (but realistic drawings) people flying United, etc. The background song that I'm looking for has a mainly piano melody, with classical feel. I'm reasonably sure that it is United's theme song, if that helps. Thanks.
Anyone know the name of the song American Airlines uses in their commercials? Im referring to the animated ones they have recently been airing. Its completely instrumental. Thanks in advance.
Could you be thinking of ads for United Airlines instead?
They are all different versions of Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin

It was featured in the movie "Rhapsody in Blue". Which is a biography in a sense about one of the greatest American composers ever.

It was also featured in Disney's Fantasia and it is my favorite version. And it has the best sound quality.

The one with the Rose is a pretty cool version. But for you best quality you need to get Fantasia 2000. And it is preformed by Disney so you know it's the best muscisions in the world.
anybody see the commercial with a man gettin ready for a job interview and gets into some mishaps on the way there...and while he is in his job interview..he realizes that he has mis-matched his shoes...the left foot black and thr right foot brown...

anyways...he later gets a call and then gets the job...

anybody know that song?

also with the one when he goes on an airplane and then gets a rose and the ladies look at him and then he brings it home to his grandma i think???....

any help will be great!
It's the animated one, where they show a guy, carrying a rose around to different destinations, then finally to his mother. The music in the background is piano and some other instruments.
What's the name of the classical sounding united airways song that they have been using for years? Recently, they have been playing an extended version of the piece which is much better than I first thought. The commercials depict cartoon story boards as the piece is played. Thanks.
There's a commercial for an airline (???) with a song that's all piano. Its a scratchy cartoon of a guy who picks a rose at the beginning of the commercial and puts it into his breifcase. He travels by plane to finally reach his mother and he gives her the rose and its all bloomed and pretty. The song is a cover of something. I've only seen it once and its driving me nuts cause I can't really remember how it went and I want to know what song it is.
THere is a new United Airlines commercial whre the man has a rose and goes on a trip. I know the music at the end is Gerschwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue" but in the beginning ther is a wonderful piano part.

Anybody know what is from?
It is a version of: "Symphony No. 40 in G Minor" by Mozart." I remember listening to it from "Hooked On Classics"...showing my age here... :rolleyes:

That's my favorite of those United commercials. I remember that commercial from last year at this time.
I am also looking for this, they use the same or a similar version in all of the ads for their latest campign w/ animated people.