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Alright...quick request...I am a noobie, but I did try a search with no success. Does any one know the artist performing the song from the current Union Bank of California commercial. Part of the lyrics are "What are you waiting for" it is a female singer and the commercial travels through a city-scape. Thanks in advance.
More lyrics: So, you want to change the world...what are you waiting for? ...start right now... If you could (see yourself?) the way I do... I believe in you....

Female artist...sounds like michelle branch or vanessa carlton. Help! I can't get this song out of my head and I can't find a scrap of information about it anywhere.

I am tortured by this as well. I joined just for this purpose. Has anyone tried to contact Union Bank corporate?

"What are you waiting for?"
Proof that the internet knows everything ... got the answer from Union Bank of CA .... here it is:

Thank you for your recent e-mail. The song is titled, "What Are You
Waiting For?" Co-written and performed by recording artist Bridget
Benenate. Ms. Benenate's music has also been heard on the soundtrack
the television show "Dawson's Creek."

Phew ... now we can rest easy. Next search is for Ms. Benenate. Chances are we'll be hearing more from her in the future, eh? Great song, and a great sound as well.


Results of search ...

Bridget Benenate (Pronounced Been-a naughty, as in Been-a-naughty girl) was born in Detroit and raised in Santa Barbara. Performing in Santa Barbara Bars at the age of 14, she has been singing, writing and touring in bands for the last 15 years. Her first single released as a writer was a single for Jimmy Messina. As a recording artist Bridget follows the path blazed by the Lilith Fair crowd: Sara McLaughlin, Jewel, Melissa Ethridge. Her self penned songs reflect a cultural mirror of her unique experience as a woman living and loving in the 90's. Most of Bridget's fans see themselves in her songs and she has been developing a solid following from sold out shows in Los Angeles at venues such as Genghis Cohen and Luna Park. Her first CD as a solo artist, entitled: Bridget Benenate, contains a stellar line up of original songs and a great cast of musicians: Drummer Marc Shulman - (Foreigner, Simple Minds), Vivian Campbell (guitar player - Def Leppard) and Dillon O'Brien (BMG recording artist).

good finds, and great work! thanks for sharing with us. :)
It annoys me how a few seconds of a song can get in my head for a whole day.

What I'm looking for is some info on the song in the recent Union Bank of California commercial. The lyrics go something like "Your face... This place... Is unforgettable"