Cotton "California Girls" mannequins


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hey all the current cotton commercial runnig here in Atlanta features female mannequins and a female group singing California girls Ive sen it on the wb about 12 times today. I hope this enough info its somewhere between the gogo's and the donnas like a healthy blend of the two

Just saw this ad tonight for the first time. Not sure who's covering the song... Might just be a studio musician for the ad. I didn't find any artists that matched the sound from the ad who've covered the song in the past.

Maybe someone else has a better answer? :unsure:
MAN MIchelle I was so hoping you would know...

anyone anyone anyone.... voodoo politics

I was wondering if anybody knows who sings the California Girls cover to the new Cotton ad with the manequins.
I heard that song also. I can't seem to find it. But it has gained a lot of talk. I'm sure it's just a studio singer. Which means we probably won't be able to buy her album nor download it.

But whoever she is she does have a great voice. It has a cool vibe to the music. And I always like listening to cover songs.

Van Halen did a cover version that I enjoy. I hope to find out who this person is and I also hope that there is a full version to this song.
I have to agree that it's likely to be a studio musician for the ad, considering Cotton's history with music... I found an article talking about the ad here, but no mention of a particular singer for the song.

You can also see all the different ads out right now for Cotton, here (but I couldn't get it to work). And, you can also vote on that page too for your favorite ad -- and click that you like the music if you want.
does anybody know the song used in the cotton commercial? heard it last night it sounds kind of blusey guitar with electronic feel to it . thanks :D
hey, so yeah. theres the cool cotton commerical (well, i think its cool) w. like the manicans in store windows dressed all cooly. if i could just get the title of that song, then that would help me find the lyrics! wenever i hear that song it makes me go like this :lol: so if your cool and you know it, youll help me out!

Thanx Bunches--

Well the song it covers is California Girls by the Beach Boys.

I couldn't find out who sings that. I figured it is a studio singer. But if there is a name to the singer herself let me know.
Well, I emailed CreativeLicense and they referred me to the production company that made the song. It's called Face The Music. Their number is 212-764-FACE or 310-392-FACE

It looks like it is indeed a studio singer. But if you really want to know the person who sang it, I'd suggest you call them.
Hi! There's a new "Cotton" commerical in which they play a remake of "Calfornia Girls" ("I wish the all could be california girls!"). It's being sung by a girl and the commerical displays a bunch of girls wearing clothing made by what I guess is cotton... ;) anyway, does anyone know who it is that's singing that remake? Thank you.