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Does anyone know what music is being played in the new tylenol commercial? It sounds kind of like chill out music, then it has guitar at the end. I can't remember any details, it's been a while since I saw it. I couldn't find any posts about this song. Thanks!
Can you offer more details? What channel did you see it on, what time of day, etc? Was it for Regular Tylenol, Extra Strength, PM, Children's, Migrane, etc... There are several Tylenol products, each with different ads -- do you remember which it was for? I checked Tylenol's site and didn't see any ads there for viewing, and I don't think I've seen any ads on TV recently that I know of. :unsure:
I know the commercial in question; it's music has been bugging me, too. I saw it on USA during Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (12 am-1 am). I'm in San Francisco, so maybe it's only a west coast thing or something. Next time it comes on I'll post which product it was for, as well as any more details.
I saw it again last week ... 10:45 PM on CBS during "Without a Trace". The ad starts with a snow scene and is for the new Tylenol Extra Strength Cool Caplets. Anyone have any ideas??
Apparently the Deutsch firm from the Interpublic Group of Companies is now doing the Tylenol commercials, so if anyone knows anything else, speak up!