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I dusted off the cobwebs of my copy of Twister the other day and as soon as it reached one point in the movie I remembered why I like it so much :lol:

There's a point (somewhere in the middle of the film) just before the chasers go towards the F3. They're in Wakita, when they get a call that a monster twister has just touched down somewhere. They do the familiar running out to their cars to chase this thing. All the while some string music plays, with flutes building up to the grand finale --- which is when they flash the Wakita water tower and pan down to reveal the cars zooming through the otherwise empty streets of the down. When THIS happens a catchy guitar riff plays, and strings emulate the sound of "Humans Being" by Van Halen. Then the song eventually leads straight into the Humans Being song.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's based on "Humans Being" (a song which I'm not quite partial to, but this strings music is REALLY catchy!!) but I can't find it anywhere on the album or the score (I have both). I wish I could host an MP3 file of the actual point in the music, but I don't have a DVD of the film, only VHS.


-BT7 (hope I didn't confuse you too much!!)
I hate to bring back a thread from ages ago, but trying to find this cue is driving me absolutely crazy. Searching "Twister" in this forum only turns up this thread, ironically its the same thing I'm looking for! In searching, I found a few places where other people were looking for the same cue, wondering why it was strangely absent from the CD's. I recently purchased the Twister Score by Mark Mancia, and sadly it wasn't included.

This unofficial Hans Zimmer site has an info listing for what seems to be a bootleg copy of the score that has a few extra tracks:

A few people in the comments section seem to be discussing the possibility of it being on either the legitimate or bootleg version, but nobody is able to come up with anything.

On this soundtrack review site, the cue in question is brought up again, however this also confirms that the "expanded" score does not contain it either:

The last song on the official score entitled "End Title/Respect the Wind - Edward & Alex Van Halen" features basically the entire end musical sequence where we hear the twister orchestrated theme, and it gradually fades into Respect the Wind - just like it does in the movie. This leads me to question why this particular cue isn't included with the rest of it, since the mixing and matching of orchestrated music vs. guitars seems to be acceptable in the final track.

Is there any possibility that on one of the soundtracks, the cue is blended into "Humans Being" just before the song kicks off into full rock mode?
well i own the soundtrack and the score and this guitar rift is on neither. Could it be the guitar from "Humans Being" blended with another song from the score