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The commercial usually shown on the E Channel late in the evening w/ Anna Nicole Smith. She has a red dress on. Does somebody know the song in the background? It is a woman's voice singing.
Darn it... I know that ad! Do you remember the lyrics? It's not "The Sign" by Ace of Bass is it? Or, is that for another one of those fitness places? Anyway, link goes to available audio sample.
It's not the Ace of Base. I can't understand the lyrics in the ad. Anyone else know? They show it every evening!!
It sound like she is singing :yeah yeah yeah yeah satisfy him!?
Someone has to of heard it
yeah...i think the ace of base song was used for the bally commercial... hmm....i've heard the commercial and it's one of those songs that SOUND so familiar but sound so much like they were made just for the commercial :blink:
This song is on every night during the Howard Stern show. Surley some of you watch it? Anyone?

This is my third song search on here, and haven't any answers yet.
Maybe it's not worth trying this site anymore. It seems other requests are answered in no time.
I've never seen it and I'm betting others haven't either. Has it been on anywhere besides Stern that you've noticed? I'm also willing to bet not many of us watch Howard. It would certainly explain the lack of response. ;)
Forget it then- 3 strikes(topics) and no answers! I'm out!! :angry:
Did you try contacting Trim Spa and asking them? Did you find a copy of the ad online so that other's could watch it?
The song on our TRIMSPA commercials is Can You Feel It by the Voodoo
:D Reply from trimspa.
I can't find much info on this band. Does anyone know anything about them?
All I've found is that they are a band out of Pennsylvania, with a regional CD released called "Bloom" by Voodoo Babies.
It's that Trimp Spa commercial with Anna Nicole Smith walking up and down the modeling runway. I'd like to know the name of the song that's playing.

Please, help. :)
the commercial had anna nicole smith cat walking down a runway in a tight pink dress and in the backround it played this rock music with a female singe, then it shows her talking about how she thought she would fall and all this other stuff...