:lol: :lol: :lol: omg, thats the gayest thing ive ever done, anyway thanks for your help, ill try some other forums for commercials if there are any, do you guys know of any other good places to talk about commercials anc commercial music?
Yeah, check the links section. Also try (down under UK links, but there's a US forum on it too) where you can upload that sound clip you made to the post so everyone can hear it.
could it be for princess cruise lines. also try the alaskan cruise lines. but I think it's princess cruise line commercial. A little while ago, huh? blue skies, cruise boat?
actually im not really sure if it was a travalocity commerical, and i have not seen it since then. But yea ill try and find out.
Well I don't know what kind of help those links are supposed to be but the SeaWorld commercials that I've seen use "Child Inside" by Qkumba Zoo which was already mentioned by Dascoot at the top of this page.
no thats not the song. Maybe the commerical is only played in certain areas of the united Statse. O well. ill continue my search
I suggest contacting Sea World, if you haven't already, and asking them if they know the music/ad and if they could give you the name of the agency that created the spot.
i think i saw this ad yesterday, and it was for a cruise line (i want to say carnival). anyway, it's an up-tempo dance beat with this lady's voice singing over it in a chant lyric similiar to native american chants...

not that this helps any, but i heard it and swore it had to be what the original poster was talking about... although he mentioned it was sea world. :unsure: ??? so, anyway if it's the right ad, it's still getting air time.
yea, i think ill contact, thanks for your help guys
Possibly Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest or Adiemus by Adiemus? Just a couple thoughts.
If you listen to the chorus of "Life in a Northern Town" by Dream Academy, it has that chant you're looking for. Perhaps that could provide a starting point for the song you want to find.

Good luck.