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It goes like, AA yay a ya hey a ya hey ya...A ya hey.

Does anyone recognize this, ill try to find the name of the commercial. Does anyone recognize this song?
I belive that it was a travelocity commercial...
Its like arial views of the ocean, bright sun, blue water, beach and cruse boats.
What's the name of that Enigma song that goes like that Michelle?
Whats a gnome? anyway yea its from travaosity.
:lol: i thought the avatar was more appropriate for how i feel sometimes on here! ;)

Regarding the thread, I found a few Travelocity ads that I watched online, but none had the "native" music to them. Is this a current ad, or older?
it is current, i just saw it today. Its not that native. Could u show me the ads that u saw?
um, this might be a HUGE stretch, but i got the enigma song going in my head too, givemfitz...if it's the same one you're thinking of, it could possibly be "return to innocence" by enigma. it has that sort of chant going on throughout the song, but i think it was native american. i could be wrong :p
You're right, it's Native American.. but was it a Travelocity ad they used it in? I was thinking it was in an ad for like.. Australia or something.. damn I forget.
I totally missed the Givemfitz comment about Enigma, and it finally connected... And, I agree with Amelie's comment.

You can hear an audio sample of "Return to Innocence" by Enigma here.
Sorry but those are not the songs, the songs sound like a african american women is singing(kinda). And the songs have a real happy mood. Thanks for your help. The songs from enigma sounded good but its no the same one that was used on the travalocity commercial that i saw.
Well......keep checking back. Chances are that something will surface.
OK, let me suggest one more song, even though it's for Busch Gardens, not a travel ad at all, so it might be a huge reach.. Qkumba Zoo - Child Inside. Worth a try..
Yowza!!! Excellent shot even if it's wrong. I had that one in my head too but never knew the name of the song and couldn't recall the ad.
Oh ee oh ee yay oh ee oh ee ohh oh ee oh ho yay was my google search which obviously wasn't close enough to yield any results. :lol: Hi yay yay ho aye yay ya and Hi yi yi oo aye yay ya were tried also :p
Hmm. Here ive decided to sing u what the song' lirics kinda sound like so yea, it sounds like that, but is not indian, its all like cariibean and african(no indian at all) and yea. so does that ring a bell?
Dude....that's quite alot of trouble to go to but I just don't recognize it. :( Truly though, Good Luck.