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Hello! I joined this forum today because I am looking to find information about the song that plays in the Toyota Yaris Blue advertisment. I usually note down the lyrics I hear, but when it was aired on t.v. I missed it. However, the ad is on the internet, at this link:
Unfortunately, I still can't note down the lyrics and the search them myself, because my internet connection is slow and I don't receive the video in a normal streaming (or however that's called). So if there is someone who's willing to watch the video (30seconds more or less long) and let me know which song that is, I'd be forever grateful :)
BTW the link I am posting is absolutely safe.No pop-up windows, no surprises. Clean link which belongs to Toyota Europe.
My dearest Sophist
How can I ever thank you???? You are unbelievable!!!!! You have saved me from months of frustration over this ad. :) Bravo... My sincerest gratitude goes to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Keep up the wonderful work of helping desperate ad addicts like me :-D RESPECT!