Toyota Tacoma "Never Quit"


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I too am looking for this song.

It's a rockish remix of the Salt 'n' Peppa song, "Push it".

Anyone know who it's by?

it is probably push it by stereo total on their album total pop. i figured it was a punk cover so i did some searchin on google and i'm pretty sure this is it. anyways, have fun findin the video for it.
hi - the 2005 Toyota Tacoma commercial aired again during tonight's episode of Lost on ABC.

The commercial that beatrixkiddo I believe, is referring to, *is* in fact the Tacoma that features a cover of Salt n' Pepa's "Push It".

Music details: It's indeed a "rock version" of the old rap song - lots of heavy guitar, sounds like a female vocal lead, and definitely the Push It lyrics. Sounds too hard core to be anything by stereo total (as ref'd by deaqon28)

The details of the commercial: there is a bright blue tacoma near the end of it, and LOTS of off-roading. And it's about the ALL-NEW 2005 Tacoma being longer and wider.

Don't know if a new topic should be started (michelle you can let me know?), especially since this one has been labelled answered - but my question is I'd really like to know the band that does the cover and if that version of Push It is out there on any album...


edit: The tagline in fact is Toyota "never quit" and not "moving forward" - it's probably a new campaign.
michelle - is it ok for me to start a new topic for the "never quit" tacoma campaign?

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The only thing i can think of is Mighty 44 - Push It.
I've never seen the commercial, but from the way you guys are describing it, this may be it.

go here to listen

try sampling the Radio Edit.
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r0b0tj0n3z : went to Mighty 44 to listen, found it via another method, listened... it's very close with the hard guitar, but nope. The commercial had female vocals...
Although some of the below might seem really obvious, I'm just going to save a bit of reading for all of us.

The cover of "Push It" (originally done by Salt 'N Pepa) that was in this Toyota Tacoma "Never Quit" commercial is NOT the following versions:

- by Static X (heavy metal song, not a cover of the original)
- by Garbage (not a cover of the original)
- by Mighty 44 - (cover, very close, but not the song we're looking for)
- not the remix by Camron ft. lil wayne jim jones & juelz
- by Stereo Total (cover, but not enough rock guitar, and the female vocals in the commercial didn't have an accent.) (sorry deaqon28, I know you had suggested it before too, but as much as I like Stereo Total, and as much I like this version, I'm positive it's not the one in the commercial.)

here is my post describing the commercial and the song.

more details: The guitar was more contemporary - less punk more like... new garage band, with lots of drum fills. The girl sounded like... "chicks on speed" or "the donnas" vocals. Actually it sounded a bit like the donnas in style, but not super-punk. The only lyrics played during commercial are: "ooo baby baby, push it good, push it, pu-push it real good!"

It aired (I think during and) at the end of Lost this past wednesday, so you might watch for it on ABC.

eta: also NOT by the following bands:
- Tool
- The Diplomats
I too am looking for this cover of "push it" by salt 'n pepa

any help would be greatly appreciated, lakefever