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Hmmm I wondering if any of you know this. I've done searches and couldn't find the name of the song. Anyway, it's the part in the movie where Tommy's Dad is getting married. He says something like "now I need you Tommy Boy to help me" and they both sing a song before his Dad takes a heart attack. It goes something like "Whose that girl with the Diamond ring"....
Does anyone know the name of this song?
I can't find the name of the song that Chris Farley and David Spade sing as they are driving, the words are something along the line of "Don't you remember you told me you loved me baby...oooh baby baby baby baby..."
ok this is gonna be a tough one....but i am trying to think of a movie, possibly from the early 90's...that uses Ray Charles' song " What'd I say", though im not sure he sings the version thats in this movie. All i can remember from the scene is a girl showing off her hand as soon as the part about a diamond ring comes on in the song. I know this is really obscure, but im dying to try and remember what movie this could be! thanks for any help!!!!!
was the movie Where the Heart Is from 2000? There was a cover of "What'd I Say" in that movie by Lyle Lovett.
hmm no, ive never seen where the heart thats probably not it :), but thanks anyway. i wish i could remember more...i just am picturing a bunch of people in a bar or a restaurant, and a guy singing karaoke, and then a lady just dancing along to "what'd i say" . ah sorry i cant be more help!
well, here are some other movies that are from the early 90's that have that song on their soundtrack:

Heart and Souls (1993)
Tommy Boy (1995)
anyone know the song that plays when kid gets off the grayhound like bus and 1 kid makes faces in window and other kid punches window.

it is a jazz like song not on the soundtrack or mentioned in the detro either.