TNT We Know Drama

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Hey, I was wondering if any of you knew the name/artist of the song that is playing in the background of this TNT ad the "what is drama?" ad, I think its a pretty mainstream song because I've heard it on the radio before but can never get the name or the band. Sorry I don't have a link to it but if any of you have any idea of what i'm talking about I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
I think it might actually be "Hysteria" by Muse.

Lyrics: "I want it now / I want it now / Give me your heart and your soul"
:ph34r: yeah, i heard "hysteria" as well...but i think could have heard "time is running out" on another commercial but i can't remember.
I've have been trying to figure this out for a couple months now. I'm trying to figure out the song that is in the new TNT spots. The only lyrics I can remember are "I want it now." It's a rock song, and I've actually heard it on the radio but I still can't find the song. I think I've also heard the song on an AMC movies at 8 spot also.

Please help!