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During this weeks WWE RAW, a commercial showed twice announcing TNA wrestling would be on Fox Sports Network. In the background during the commercial, there was a song playing in the background, a fast tempo rock song with a female singing. As far as I could hear, the lyrics went like this:

"sometimes, i wanna, i wanna explode
and sometimes i wanna i wanna just unload
and sometimes i wanna kick and scream yeah
sometimes i wanna feel like i know that dreams (Couldn't really hear the rest)

Usually wrestling promos tend to use real music, so I'm guessing this is a real song. Anyone know the title and who sings it if it is? My thanks in advance...! B)
You might try Sublime. They use I wanna explode in a FEW songs. But what I wanna know is......When is T&A wrestling on. Cuz I'd WATCH that. :lol: :p ;)
when is the show airing on fox sports? i wanted to watch this.
Originally posted by GriMx@Jun 20 2004, 04:02 PM
when is the show airing on fox sports? i wanted to watch this.
TNA wrestling comes on Wednesday on cable channel CSS at 10 PM, and on Friday on the Fox Sports Network at 3 PM, both EST.

And thanks givemefitz for the suggestion about Sublime...Unfortunately, this song is sung by a woman. :blink:

Ugh...I'm wondering if I'll ever find this thing.... :angry: