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Hey everyone. I'm looking for a song that's been stuck in my head for days...

I believe it's from a Times Warner Cable commercial. It's the one where it shows this guy from infancy to adulthood, sitting in front of the TV, and always getting interrupted during his favorite shows:

"Harry, time for dinner."
"Time for bed, Harry."
"Harry, time to mow the lawn."

Or something of the sort.

There is an instrumental bit of music playing throughout the entire thing. It was most likely composed specifically for that commercial, but I'm really not sure.

Does anyone know the song/commercial I'm talking about, what it's from, who composed it, or where to get it?
I don't know if it'll make much of a difference in your searching, but look for "Time Warner", not "Times Warner". You may get better results.
ive been looking for this song ever since i first heard it. ive found nothing that even hints at who it might be by or where i can find it. best of luck to you
We discovered through a series of phone calls to the Time Warner marketing department that the music was created in-house and is not available for sale or downloading. The woman in charge of that commercial is Kim Mills at the Time Warner corporate office in Stamford, CT.
Too bad it's not publicly available. The ad is for Time Warner Cables DVR (digital video recorder) service.
Another problem may be that Time Warner Cable doesnt exist in some states. It sure does in Texas though. I'll keep an ear to the ground.