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A kid is watching tv. Pet dogs knock over a trash can. The kid pauses the tv while his mom picks up the trash.

The music sounds like it is coming from the type of stringed instrument that is played with a bow. At the end, when it shows text and possibly pc or tv screenshots, some percussion is added. Where did the music come from? I do not know, i need to listen to more of it.
i think thats a really great song, my ears always perk up whenever it comes on :eek:k:

i wish i knew the name too.. sorry can't help ya
Try e-mailing Time-Warner cable.They answered my music question.The odds are it was written for the piece.
There is a new commercial, maybe a prequel to the old one, with the same music. The kid and his sister eat breakfast then go to the pound with the big dog. The big dog picks out the little dog.
and another one where somebody puts the little dog outside and it scratches on the door