Time to pump it up!


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Hey guys,

First time posting on here, try and be nice :D I'm looking not for any particular song, but something that will fit for my video class project. I'm doing an animation in After Effects that is sort of a mini commercial using pictures, titles and other graphics.

At the moment I'm using "Jet - Rollover DJ" as the music, which is pretty good, but I'm after something that builds up to more of a crescendo (and it would be best if it reached it within 90 seconds or so). Not after any particular genre or style, it just has to pump up the audience, making it "high energy" and keep the anticipation going.

Suggestions please! :rolleyes:


I once used "come on get up" by Janet Jackson for an ad I was doing for a class, it seemed to work pretty well but I also only used the first ten or fifteen seconds, and the rest of the song may not work for what you want.

Kaiser Chiefs' "Everyday I love you less and less" is a good one. You could start at the beginning, or cut out a chunk and have it start at 2:30 where it really builds up to high energy for the last minute of the song.

That's all I can think of for now, hope it helps :)