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I just saw the first new commericals from the Opening Ceremony of the XXVII Olympic Games and I was wondering if anyone has questions of the music played behind the commericals.

Does anyone know the TIAA Creff commerical songs?
Just to point out: If people start asking about multiple ads in this one thread, it will get beyond confusing. If you have a question about an ad, a new thread should be started for that specific ad... Chances are, if an ad debuts tonight during the Opening Ceremonies, it will be repeated during other time slots/shows.

The topic title for this thread has been changed to reflect your question about the TIAA Creff ad. Can you describe the ad and music?
The song in the ad is a cover of "Somewhere" from "West Side Story." I'm not sure who the cover is by though... I'll look into it some more.
The tiaa cref commercial im wondering about ( there are at least two different ones so far ) sounds like david sylvian but im not absolutely positive.
Anyone know who does the version of "Somewhere" from West Side Story that is in the TIAA-CREF commercials playing during the Olympics?

It is a male singer. He sounds like he has a bit of an accent.

The singer in this ad sounds like U2's Bono to me, or someone who sounds very much like him. Have not been able to verify this on numerous U2 fan websites. Does anyone else agree?
THe only thing I found that might be a possibility is that the Pet Shop Boys have a DVD with a performance of the song included... But, I haven't been able to find an audio sample yet to check if it's the same version...
I found a sound sample of Pet Shop Boys performing the song "Somewhere" on All, but this is not the same track used in the TIAA Cref Ad. I'm trying to listen to samples of recently recorded (2003-2004) versions of this song on the same site, but there are dozens and dozens to wade through.
Cool, thanks for eliminating the PSB's version. I was getting annoyed trying to find a sample!
hi gang
you can watch the commercial at

click on

and then click on WATCH OUR COMMERCIAL.

it is still so beautiful but so frustrating!
After hearing the commercial through headphones I think I can retract my suggestion that it's Bono! His voice is too deep and it's clearly someone else.
Ok as promised here is their reply thanks TIAA-CREF David Sylvian, a British singer from a band called Japan, performs the song in our 60 second TV ad during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. We also have a 30 second ad which is performed by another British singer Ian McCullough.

For those who don't know who Ian McCullough is, I met him once and he used to be the lead singer in Echo & The Bunnymen but that's a seperate story

Thanks Rob. ;)

Good call xen. :D
I was just wtching the olympics and a song from a broadway show, i think westside story, the song "somewhere" was used on the commercial. I did not recognize the advertiser as i was sitting across the room.

this particular performance was by a gravelly voiced fellow. I hope somebody can help me with the name of the singer or band. it sounds like a great modern version of an old classic. thanks
after i posted the question i found the answer on a google message board. the voice belongs to David Sylvian and his website is unfortunately they only recorded 60 seconds for the commercial and you can only hear 30 seconds. Perhaps if enough people show interest Sylvian will record the whole tune.
This is actually for my mom, haha. She saw a commercial for TIAA Cref Financial Services featuring a remake of the song from West Side Story, "There's a Place for Us". I personally haven't seen the commercial. I looked up different covers of the song, and she said it wasn't Andy Williams or Barbara Streisand... and I couldn't find anybody else.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I was just thinking tonight "I should go on to find out the name of that song"!!

I love that song but who is it?!?! ;)
I just saw a commercial for TIAA Cref, all I saw of it was an old man tuning a piano in a concert hall as the camera zoomed out. The song with the commercial sounded older but it may be new, it's a slower song with woman singing and piano music. If anyone knows what this song is called or who it is by then that would be helpful, thank you.

Okay, I'm just wondering if all this stuff about the TIAA Craff ad is the same one I am thinking about.

It starts off in a large hospital with doctors and nurses running around, I think one was getting a drink of water, and there is another one set in a college lecture hall, but nothing is said until a few seconds after the mystery song has been playing. Pretty much the whole ad is this music. It's such a beautiful song....

and yes, I have tried a search. ;)
I am also trying to find out who sings the songs for TIAA Creff. I know the name of the song that I am looking for is "Somewhere" from West Side Story, but it's not orriginal, and it's by a man with a scratchy voice, not a woman. But it is a slow song with a piano behind it, but the one I am thinking of is in a hospital, and also a college lecture hall. ;)
Although its probably just made for the commercial, like the other ads for TIAA Cref, there IS a newer one with a woman singing....kevin is right, because I saw that and was wondering the same thing.