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Some of the lyrics are:

You look damn good,
the way a man should,
the way a man would,
if you could get me

I don't know when it plays in it the movie though because one of my friends is looking for it and he didn't say when it showed it.

Can you or your friend describe the song? Style/genre of music? Vocals? Male/female/group?
hey if anyone has watched the movie 13 the one about the girls who do all that stuff in middle school like drugs and stuff and do u know the song that plays in the background when they are at evies house her and tracys have thoes two guys over and then they start makeing out and all that other stuff and that songs plays in the background its a very slow song i think its R&B but if anyone knows it plzz tell me thanks!! :unsure:
You can view the soundtrack listing here.

There is actually a rap song playing in the scene you are referring to, which I think might be 'Baby' by SUPERVISION but I can't find any lyrics or a sample.