The West Wing


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there is a commercial running on bravo for a west wing marathon that starts on monday. in the background at the beginning, you can hear what sounds like a keyboard playing faintly, and later in the ad there's more music that i can't really describe. normally i would write this off as a specially done piece, but it sounds quite familar and i think i may have heard it used during some old Toonami commercials on CN a couple of years ago

please help
I also have the same question. I also remember that song used for the early stages of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network (way back since before they used the brackets). I think the song was also used for an AIG commercial. The tune is more of a tango or something.
i've tried to find a clip for the ad but no luck. im going to try and make my own.
Please review our Forum Rules on "bumping" topics. It's not allowed. It's much more helpful to add more details about the music and/or ad.

Have you tried searching through the Adult Swim Forums? They have a section devoted to music used in their "bumper" ads.
The problem is that the [AS] music forums archive the music from 2004, the music in this ad comes from about 2002 if not prior. This is music from the very beginning to the experiment that was Adult Swim.
Bravo is not stating the particulars to the promo.
I can't remember what other commercial it was used for but like I said, it could have been AIG. Perhaps Janus. I can't even remember. Other than that, I haven't a clue what other info I could state and I don't think anyone has a clue on what it is. I really have no other options but to bump.