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During the closing moments of The West Wing there was a song playing, female voice I think the words where in something other than english. Does anyone know the song?
According to someone over at Television Without Pity, it's "Sanvean" by Dead Can Dance.
Hi folks :)

recently found this site and its one of my new favorites,, since I often dont' know the name of a song that I like, this place helps me figure out what it is.

Well, there is a cool techno type club song that was used in a episode of the "West Wing" recently.. its the episode where the presidents daughter is abducted at a club.

Well if you have seen this episode and know the song that is played in the club, let me know :)

sorry for the small amount of detail about the song, but if you know the episode you'll probably know the song

Hope someone can help, thx. :)
I found the following: Massive Attack's song "Angel" found on their CD "Mezzanine." Link goes to available audio sample, track 1.

Is that the one you're looking for?
I have seen this posted at other sites, but I was hoping by starting dialogue here I might find this quicker.

In an episode from a season or two ago, Aimee Mann covered James Taylor's "Shed a Little Light." It was a truly beautiful cover, and I'm just hoping someone has some kind of hard copy they might be able to pass my way.
Does anyone know the song Yo Yo Ma was playing in the West Wing episode where Josh is seeing the shrink for PTS disorder? Beautiful song, I just wish I knew the name.
You can listen to an audio sample of Yo Yo Ma's version of that song here, track 1. Also is available for download from
Hey gang,

On the west wing episode tonight there was a song played that had the lyric "desire" in it. It was the only SONG used in the episode.

It had a Gavin Degraw, Josh, Jesse, John guy singer song writer vibe to it.

Lil' help? THanks
At the very begining hes singing some song lyrics. something about allison, ill be true or something like that. anybody know?
Hello... another musical piece I'm looking for. Classical, jazzy sounding saxophone piece playing RIGHT NOW on West Wing. Last 10 minutes of the show, if you see this later, during the gala scene. I've heard it before but cannot place it. Help!
Merci beaucoup!

Wish I could remember where I'd heard it before... I have a feeling it was a movie.
What was the jazz tune playing in the background of the episode for the last 10 minutes or so?

I want to say Coltrane, but I'm not sure, and I don't know what tune.

See my answer to ohiomedgirl. It's Dave Brubeck's Take Five.
Does anyone know what song was used towards the end of the West Wing episode "Access"? It sounded like Zero 7 but I'm not sure. The show's been on Bravo marathons quite a bit, any ideas?