The Wedding Singer

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I don't think this song is on the actually sound track but, I know you can download it from Kazza or something. In Adam Sandlers song Somebody Kill Me he made refrence to The Cure. What would be the Cure song that his is based on?

God bless.
Actually, you can find the song here -- they released a second soundtrack or something that includes the song.

Don't know what song it's based on though...
Well, it's been a while since I've seen the Wedding Singer, but maybe someone here owns it or has seen it recently. During the movie, when Adam Sandler's character is getting married (the first time) and is left at the alter, what song is the string quartet playing in the background? It sounds so familiar, like a rock song done classical.

Thanks in advance :)
Wedding Singer

anyone remember the wedding singer with adam sandler?

well just watched it.

i'm looking for the song right at the beginning, when the names of the actors appear on the screen, the begincredits??

it has a nice beat i think.

i already checked out imdb, they have a list with songs apearing in the same order as the do in the movie. Although, i couldn't find the song i was looking for.

maybe you guys can help me out?

Hi there! I have the movie at home on VHS (I'm not home now, I'm gone for the weekend), but can you describe the song at all? Lyrics, genre, male/ female vocals? I've seen the movie a million times, so I might remember. Otherwise, I'll check when I get home on Sunday! :)
I know this! It's "You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record)" originally by Dead or Alive. :eek:k:
thanx for finding the song, but i don't think this is the one really.

i don't know how to describe it :)

it starts of with this beat, and athan you see names of the actors appearing on the screen, en then all these people dancing on this 'weddingparty'

it's with a male voice i think

thanx anyway appreciate it a lot!
That's the song that Adam Sandler is singing, that the wedding party is dancing to, and the credits are rolling over at the beginning of the movie. It sounds different because it's Adam Sandler singing it and not the band "Dead or Alive." That is the song though, I'm 100% positive! :angel:
Ad-rock hit this one on the head. It's definitely "You Spun Me 'Round" but done with Adam Sandler instead of the original group.

Listen to Adam Sandler and then read the lyrics to the song. It's a match. :D
What is the name of the song Adam is singing at the Bat Mitzvah when Drew is dancing with the little boy?
I think it's the standard "'Til There Was You", but I'm not completely sure. It's been a long time since I've seen it.

It's originally from "The Music Man", and The Beatles even covered it on an early album.
I must say I like the songs featured in the soundtrack of that movie. i am such a sucker for 80s
hey wuts that song thats playin wen the dude gets outta his car its a jamaican song it goes pass the dutchie from the left one time i cant figure out who it is plz help me
what is the song when adam sandler is in the bar after julia gets mad at him and throws the papers?? it sounds like some 70's song...but not sure...please help me!!
The two songs that play around that part are: "Hungry Heart" by Bruce Springsteen & "Love My Way" by The Pyschedelic Furs.