The WB 2003 Image Campaign


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There's an extremely long ad for all the WB characters and the music used in the very beginning and then, in the end, is what I'm hoping to find. I know the commercial can be watched on the Someone help me! :0
I assume this is the video of the promo spot you're referring to? Not sure of the music is used throughout the ad. I couldn't find a mention of the music on the WB's Featured Music site - it may appear there eventually. The WB is better than most networks about detailing music from their shows on their website.
yeah, i heard that song too. I like it a lot! I tried searching the music on the WB, but still no matches...
If you watch the wb, you know that almost every commercial break they show one of their commercials. The commericals basically consist of the same song playing and actors on their shows doing random things~

Just wondering if anyone knew artist/title of this song.. and where I can find it?

Someone else was curious about this ad last month, but we never found an answer... :(
I'm looking for this same song as well. I really like the piano parts.