The Mountain


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If any of you folks have watched the promos/previews on the WB for the new show 'The Mountain' you might have noticed the british accented voice singing a song with some nice violin and electric guitar orchestration sounding out a really neat riff.
It starts out instrumental with the tune being repeated a couple times. At the end, a male voice sings the same three lines and it ends with something like ' my soul'. the last two words are sung real slow.

What is this song???
I love the tune and the arrangements. Now if only I could figure out which band/singer this is.
Thanks is advance!
I'm trying to figure out who is singing the song played during the newest ad for the WB's 'The Mountain'. It sounds like maybe rock or alternative. There's a guy singing the song. If anyone can help with this, it will be greatly appreciated.
You know, it's amazing because I was just wanting to know that myself. It's good that someone else asked this. Unfortunately I don't know, but I was hoping someone else could answer this too!
the new ad is by ben jelen - "come on"

the old ads is Steadman - "good to go"

Hope that helps!