The Village


Reaction score
The violin music through the whole movie....

At the end, the credits mention that it was played by Hilary Hahn. I assume that it is orginial music composed just for the movie (I'm a violinist and I've never heard it). But someone else with deeper knowledge of the violin repertoire might have recognized the piece. Anyone?

On a side note: If you go to see the movie, do not expect a horror/scary movie. Keep in mind that M. Night Shyamalan has a penchant for weird twists and emphasis on presenting interesting ideas rather than true horror. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Many of my friends felt that they had been tricked and thought it was one of the worst movies they had seen.

Of course, there are other boards for discussion on the film's quality.

The music from The Village is an original score composed by James Newton Howard...he's done all 4 M. Night Shyamalan films so far. This is one of my favorite soundtracks from him. Signs was amazing too. Some songs that I reccomend listening to from the score that feature Hilary Hahn are "Noah Visits" and "The Gravel Road", and "Those We Don't Speak of". Very moving score...
does anyone know the song that Bryce's character Ivy was singing to her sister after she told Lucius she loved him?