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Hey This song sounds prety obscure, if not mixed just for the commercail.

Its sounds like stomp, or the blue man group.

(only drums and the occasional hey)

Ok I know that is absolutly no description what so ever but you can watch it and listen to it yourself.

Go to, then go to the Sopranos, then go to Video, then under promotional clips its called Sopranos TCA Trailer, its seudo long.

So yeah if anyone knows tell me


It appears to be a mish-mash of "Say Yes!", "Tantara," and "Seven Tears" off of the album Hai by The Creatures (mostly Say Yes! though).

You can listen to samples for two of the songs right here, where you can also buy it.

John H.
The commercial is for Comcast "on demand" and it features a guy talking about The Sopranos. The music in the background has been used in several gangster movies, but I can't for the life of me figure out the name of the orchestra or opera that the music comes from. Can anyone help?
:( my post didn't take?

A long time ago I read this forum topic and I went out and bought the Creatures album "Hai" which has this track (track number 1) "Say Yes!".

Movie Central (canadian channel that airs HBO and showtime shows) did a re-cut of this same promo, but used a slightly different song for it. I'm looking for anything I can find on it.
(I even emailed Movie Central, and they had no solutionm but they were SUPER nice.)

In any case I'm reposting the email here, and if anyone has any info on the track used in the Movie Central Season 5 promo for the Sopranos, I'd be most grateful!

(here's what MC said:)

From: web.moviecentral
Subject: RE: Music used for Sopranos promo
Date: April 23, 2004 3:29:05 PM GMT-05:00

I sent your question on to our marketing department and this is the reply:

I'm sorry, we've looked everywhere, but can not seem to find the source of this music. Interestingly, we also really like this cut when we first heard it. Our resident music expert is of the belief this may be a production music cut, and not a specific band or song.

If in fact it is an original song, it will most likely be found on the newest CD release of the Sopranos soundtrack. Not sure that this has even come out yet, as the Season 4 version was released not too long ago.

Another suggestion would be attempting to reach HBO via the web site under the q & a section for the Sopranos.

Sorry we don't have more information for you at this time!

Thank you for being a Movie Central subscriber and visiting our website at

Best Regards
Movie Central
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Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2004 1:05 PM
To: web moviecentral
Subject: Music used for Sopranos promo


Have to tell you that Movie Central rocks for bringing HBO and Showtime
programs to Canada.

I'm wondering if there's anyway you can tell me what piece of music was used
for "The Sopranos" promo aired on Movie Central? It is primarily drumming
and very similar to the one used in the promo below, but I don't actually
think it's the same song... Can you tell me if it is?

I believe the promo was recut from the original HBO commercial:

or perhaps a censored version was played?

IF Movie Central's promo producers did a re-cut of the promo specific for
MC, can you ask what song they used?

Please and thank you,

Again, thanks for doing all the things you do at Movie Central and all the
MC channels, and keeping that website and sked up to date for us general



After the Jan. 29th episode there was a trailer for the new season with Tony sitting outside & Carmella talking about him. Does anyone know the background music?
Okay, I've done a search and can't find it so I am asking for some help. I saw a commercial for the new season of the Sopranos that had a very cool song. It sounds like one of the songs from the soundtrack of "Man on Fire" but I have not found it there either. Any thoughts?
Hey Railcop i heard the same song and it took me a week to find it the song is called "this mark has been made" by nine inch nails. im glad to have help u find this song it was driving me crazy
does anyone know the song on the hbo trailer for the shows an employee of satriales pork store walking to the front door and turning the sign from closed to open.
Someone else replied on this site saying that it is

"this mark has been made" by nine inch nails
ok, i am looking for the name of the song featured in the new Sopranos teaser titled "Open For Business" this is not the NIN song that the other threads about this song say, that is a different trailer. if you want to hear it, go to and Sopranos /videos. its called "Open For Business". ive been looking everywhere and cant find anything. it sounds like the white stripes or maybe the black keys, but its not. please help. the song rocks
Its called The Mark Has been Made by NIN off the Fragile cd the guitar rif in the teaser is about 1 and 50 seconds into the song... its also used in Man on Fire wit denzel
Im looking for the open for business tease song. the nine inch nails song is in the full trailer. at 1:50 of mark has been made is the one used in the long trailer
So I've been after a song used in a Soprano's TV spot. Its got a heavy guitar sound and not the traditional intro song everyone is after.

The song is also in theis dumb youtube video at around 2:40 in.

Any help would be appreciated
there is this song that played a few minutes ago while watching AE it was an advertisment for the show...and it went like "hung by the wasteline " or something like.
I am also looking for this song. Lyrics are "I'm losing control, falling from the (wayside?)..can't quite make out that last word.
It might be "Falling By the Wayside" by People in Planes

It's OK to be safe,
I'm on top of my game,

I'm losing control,
Falling by the wayside

Dive right in, take a drink,
Enter in, try and win,
Make sure you call before I leave,
Keep on top of the game,

I'm losing control,
Falling by the wayside

Yeah it's OK to be safe

I'm losing control,
Falling by the wayside

It's OK to be safe