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    The Sopranos Season 4

    I'm looking for a song that played on the Sopranos season 4 episode 5. It was when Tony's boys entered Adrianna's bar. I have a link to an audio clip below. Based on what I can make out of the lyrics it says: "You make me feel like I am whole again" Google tells me this is Love Song by The...
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    The Sopranos Season 6

    The Sopranos season 6 I'm talking about the song played in the beginning of tonights season premiere, where the voice is saying numbers followed by philoshpies of life. Its also played in the end credits.
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    The Sopranos Season 1

    What's the music that plays in the end of the episode when the FBI agent is snapping pictures of everyone with his hidden camera as they have raise a toast for "Junior", the new boss? Sorry, I know this is old, but I just started rewatching season one.
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    The Sopranos

    Hey This song sounds prety obscure, if not mixed just for the commercail. Its sounds like stomp, or the blue man group. (only drums and the occasional hey) Ok I know that is absolutly no description what so ever but you can watch it and listen to it yourself. Go to, then go to the...
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    The Sopranos Season 5

    what was the aria played at the end of the show and ran throughout the final credits. Also who was the performer?
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    The Sopranos Season 3

    There is a scene before Chris Moltisanti, Adrenna and Furio go to Tonys Mother's wake. Adrennna asks Christopher "When are you going to made", its also a scene where Molisanti, Furio and Adrenna are smoking weed and doing coke. I know HBO lists there songs on the website but they didn't have the...