The Skeleton Key

Thank you! The people on this site continue to amaze me.
Does anyone know the very last tune that is on the trailer? It sounds kind of like a Zidico band, but I don't know which or what. I've been searching for this and can't find ANY information at all!

thanks for the help.
Frenchie, the song you are looking for is original music created for the movie. The song is called Papa Justify's Conjure of Sacrifice, but I am unsure if the actor who plays Papa Justify sings the song or not. When the movie comes out, check out the soundtrack to see if perhaps the song appears on there.
Sounds like we may be moving into potential 'spoiler' territory....!
Do you mean potential 'spoiler' territory because of the song title? That title is revealed in the trailer.
The character of Papa Justify is uncredited - maybe intentionally?
I saw the character credited on Variety, and there is also a credit for stunt work. I am curious as to why you feel this character is uncredited in what may be an intentional manner.
It may well be an unintentional omission but I can find no crew listings that include the character of Papa Justify or the actor who portrays him. You're right, there is a credit for his stunt double.

In addition, he is notably absent from the trailer...
Depending on what site one visits, one may not see every character credited as part of the crew, probably to save on web space. ;) Part of the problem is that too many websites simply cut-and-paste from other sites. I have seen this character listed in association with this movie, as well as described in a synopsis of the movie, and as the release date progresses, we will hear more about the characters of this film. In essence, this character is not a secret; a quick google reveals a short interview with the actor on his role in the movie. He simply has been neglected as part of the cast, which seems a little sad.

And yes, the character is in both this trailer and in the international trailer. In all the rapid, disorienting scenes, watch closely for him. :)
Skeleton Key

Hi all,

At the very end of the teatrical trailer for 'The Skeleton Key', I heard some kind of old-sounding folk song: it was a man's voice, not so much singing as talking, and I'm pretty sure he uttered the word 'devil'. I'm sorry I can't be more accurate, this was a few weeks ago, before I discovered this forum.

Thanks for any hints.
I believe it's 'Conjure of Sacrifice' by WALTER BREAUX et al.

It is available on the soundtrack album.

The track has also been remixed by European DJ STEVE LAWLER.
Ah thank you so much, yeah, I did search for it, but I just couldn't find it :(

Gah, I was hoping for the exact version they used on the commercial *sigh*
Well I'll go find a completely piano version. And could somebody point me to a direction as to where I could find a completely Piano version?
I'm trying to find the piano music from the Skeleton Key trailer. I found one song by Schubert that sounds the same as the trailer, but the one I found the piano part is speeded up. Did they make two versions?
I saw a trailer of The Skeleton Key that has this one part where Kate is dancing by herself I think but she has her head thrown back and all and seems very relaxed or at least very into the song, and the song playing sounds like some type of Jamaican Reggae I'm not sure but it sounded awesome and I would love to know what the name of it is, can anyone help me? :unsure:
I've been trying to find the song they play with the piano but can't. I found one song that sounds similar to that but it's faster. Anyone know what song it is that they play with the piano?