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whats the song that goes," when i see you i wanna take off my clothes" in the mtv real world phila. commercial?
Anyone know the lyrics to the Real World Commercial that aired during their Award Show? The lyrics started "when I see you" "just take off my clothes"
they have been showing previews on MTV for the Real World Philadelphia series. The song is kinda techno with female voices. I have had no luck so far finding it. Thanks for all your help!!
is it that commercial that goes: "when i see you baby, i wanna take off your clothes, take off your clothes, take off your clothes!" ??? its a techno song with a girl singing it
Yes this song is by Morningwood and its called take off your clothes. I had looked down throught he forums but didnt use the search feature :ermm: . Sorry Michelle! You can kill this post or merge with the other one.

Thanks! :D
Does anyone know the name of the song played on MTV for the new Real World: Philadelphia. It has them walking around, eating fruits, and being flirtatious. The song says something to the point of "When I see you I want to take off your clothes . . . just take off your clothes." Thanks.

Right off the bat I'm going to say that it's not the Morningwood song about taking off clothes.

It's a song that has throbbing bass beat rhythm. They only play the beat and there aren't any words. MTV plays it while they flash scenes from upcoming episodes (scene of two girls kissing at a club, scene of MJ yelling at Karomo) Does anyone know what song this is from?

Many thanks
Does anybody know the Music playing in the latest promo for next weeks Real World Philly, there are no lyrics just music.