The Prince and Me


Reaction score
Does anyone know the violin song played while the prince is being crowned, as he walks down the aisle a solo violin tune is played, I've heard it many times but what is it? It would be on the score?
I'm wondering if anyone knows the song that was playing at the bar the first time the prince meets julia stiles? it's during the scene when he goes up to the bar to get another beer and asks her to take off her shirt. The song is not on the soundtrack. Thanks!
I was wondering if anyone know the ending credit song? It goes "I'm Flying" or something like that sang by a girl. If anyone can help me out I appreciate it, thanks.
I was about to post the same question! It's beautiful, and I have heard it before, but I have no idea what it is. Does anyone else?
You can listen to audio samples from the Soundtrack (although, fairly certain the song you want isn't on there). I don't think there is a score available from the movie. You can see an entire track listing from the movie here, generally listed in order of appearance in the movie.
It's the final listing on Michelle's link - "Suite No. 1 in G for Solo Cello (Prelude)" by Bach.

It's not included on the OST for 'The Prince & Me' but you can find a version of it by Yo-Yo Ma on the soundtrack album for 'Master and Commander'.
where can i download the soundtrack of the prince and me?
thank you very much!
Does anybody know the name of the song that Julia played on the jukebox? It's a Springsteen song. Thanks!
Nevermind....a little detective work on and I answered my own question...thanks for mentioning that link michelle!
Yea if anyone could find it i've been looking for it for a while.
It's the first song being played on the credits i believe, and I'm pretty sure its a female singing it, its very poppish sounding.
in the movie the prince and me with julia stiles, theres a scene where prince edward gets coranated (dunno if thats a word) and theres this cello piece playing in the background, anyone know it by any chance? cause i've heard in a lot of other commercials so i know it has to be a real song, but anyways, someone lemme know if they find out wut it is

thanks :lol: