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There's an opera song that's used in tons and tons of trailers over and over again. It's similiar to O Fortuna, whereas a chorus sings short notes very loudly with a simple tune.

I dont remember any specific trailers it was featured in, but you've probably heard it about 300 times. I think a version of it was featured in a Freddy Vs. Jason trailer, and usually is in very dramatic, action, and epic movie trailers. I hope you know the song I'm talking about.

I've been looking for this song for months! Please help! :blink:
It's hard to say if you can't remember any trailers the specific music you are looking for was used in. I checked a FREDDY VS JASON trailer, but the ad I found didn't use any such music. (I'm sure there are several versions.) If you can think of any other trailers (or a specific FREDDY VS JASON trailer) let us know.
Sorry, but I just cant remember any! Come to think of it, there was a Nascar commercial on Fox that has used it. Like I said, you've probably heard it about a million times. (It isn't Ode to Joy 4th movement either).
I think I may know which song you're referring to. I think it's "Gothic Power" by Christopher Field.

As far as I know, it's not actually from any movie. Nor do I know anything about this guy. I've heard the music many many times. I can only remember one specific trailer it was in, and that was the one for The Fellowship of the Ring.

Let me know if that's the one...
Are you sure it's not 'O Fortuna' - go over to and give it a listen. John Williams *oh mighty master* actually does 'O Fortuna (from Carmina Burana)' for the NBC's Boston Pops CD. I think it was for the Olympics not sure though.
It wasnt Gothic Power. I've heard this one a lot also. Thanks for your suggestions though, everybody.

The song I'm thinking of is fast-paced, in case I didnt mention it before...
I know nothing about music, but the chorus part thats always played is about 7 notes and repeats itself. The notes go up and down and ends on a higher note and plays the chorus again.

I'm waiting for some new epic movie to come out that has the song in the trailer or something like that but I havent heard it for a while...
I'm waiting for some new epic movie to come out that has the song in the trailer or something like that but I havent heard it for a while...

HAHAHAHA - well 'King Arthur,' 'Troy,' and maybe even 'Van Helsing.' though 'Troy's' little teaser doesn't have any music... at least I don't it does.
From your description, it sounds like it could be from Mozart's Requiem? I'm fairly sure the Sequenz - No.1 - Dies irae from Requiem is used in several movies/advertisements. You can listen to it at Amazon on this link . It's the 3rd track.
I know exactly the piece you're talking about. I recognized it from your reference to the Nascar commercial. It was for Nascar on Fox, and I must have heard it a hundred times. It's very dramatic and similar to the one from Mozart's requiem, but I don't think that's it. I want to say that I heard it in Romeo and Juliet with Leo Dicaprio, or for a trailer for Romeo and Juliet, but I can't remember how it correlates to that movie. I wish I knew the name, but I know the music you are describing, so I can identify it if I hear it.
Ok, I found the song I was talking about...and I don't think it's the one I heard in the Nascar commercial. This one is faster. It's "O Verona" on the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack Vol. 2.
Sounds like you are talking about "Escape" from the "Plunkett & MacLeane" soundtrack. The composer is Craig Armstrong. He uses that operatic sound in a lot of his music, but that music cue called "escape" is the most widely used in trailers.
aww man i thought it was going to be something totally new to me. i have that sdtk.. and movie. and it is used a lot in trailers - i remember it being used in 'The Patriot' trailer - starred Mel Gibson, Jason *swoon* Isaacs, & Heath Ledger. the trailer -

Amazon Link to the sdtk -

Craig Armstrong's official site - just recently he worked on the 'love actually' sdtk.