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I was just watching the Osbournes episode where Ozzy loses his diamond pinky ring and starts looking for it. Well the music that plays just right then, i've clearly heard before but i don't know what it is!!! And i know everyone has heard it. It's classical, i don't know it may be from Fantasia or something but i'm really not sure..

It's mainly wind instruments like violins and stuff and with percussion.

"da da da da dada dum dada dum dada dum da da da dada dum DUM DUM and then it gets crazy"

ahh if anyone knows please post!
It's called "A woman is fickle." It's from "Rigoletto." Giuseppe Verdi. ;)
No, " A woman is fickle" is an opera. The piece i'm talking about doesn't have any words, it's just an orchestra.
Yeah I didn't bother with it since Taxi knew it was opera. Just figured she (he?) must know that piece. Sure fits the da da da dada dums though. :lol:
Just wondering if anyone caught last night's (2/28) episode of the Osbournes, where that crazy fan came to stay with them? At the end, they played that song "Loving You" (minnie riperton) but someone did a cover of it. It was a girl singing...any ideas?
Could it be Julia Fordham. On her album there is a ("Loving you" is easy cuz you're beautiful... ect) cover song as a hidden track.
That Fordham has become something of a singer's singer is not surprising given the cool intelligence of her phrasing and the versatility of her husky-to-piercing range, which recalls trilling '70s singer-songwriters Minnie Riperton (a cover of Riperton's signature song, "Loving You," is hidden at the end of the album and the late singer provides the inspiration for the album's penultimate song, "Roadside Angel"),

Its a hidden track tho, so theres no sample link to hear it.
Thanks Tyrell but that's not it!! The cover that I heard, had a girl with a voice that was a little more high pitch. The one you recommended had kind of a deep voice and her cover, was kind of sad and slow. Thanks for your help though! Anyone else?
Michelle- thanks for your help but that link went to nothing...the page it took me to, had no link or anything having to do with my question....but I looked up The Covers Project and still cannot find my song. Anyone else?!
I think it might be Shanice.

From This site
Lovin' You covered by Shanice
Lovin' You covered by Monday Michiru
Lovin' You covered by Tuck & Patti
Loving You covered by Marc et Claude
I wondered that as well. Was it the same as the one used in Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball soundtrack? (Arrugh! They played that song all the time during that game!)
Hmmm, well I listened to the Shanice sample and it doesn't really sound like the one they used on the show. I guess it's close enough, haha but the background music and her voice didn't sound exactly the same as what I heard. Thanks for trying!
Originally posted by ledzepgrl@Mar 2 2005, 07:44 AM
Michelle- thanks for your help but that link went to nothing...the page it took me to, had no link or anything having to do with my question...
oops... sorry. It was late and I didn't check my link, which was obviously crossed. I fixed it in my post up there, and here it is again: here, which tyrell pointed to.
I liked that song too. I was thinkin it was Mariah Carey?
I've looked and can't seem to find the soundtrack for the Dead or Alive Beach volleyball but to me it sounded like the same one that was used on it. I'll keep looking.
speaking of, I think there was this rap song that came out not too long ago that said "Minnie Riperton" in it. anyone know what song I'm talkin about? ahh this is gone bother me for the rest of the day :lol:
On the "Won't You Be My Neighbor" episode of "The Osbournes," right when Sharon was sitting in a chair talking to the camera about how she's not going to move because of her neighbors, this song comes on that has a bass guitar playing and then some background music starts up with it (hard to explain). Anyway, the camera moves onto her laughing at Ozzy in the backyard when Ozzy picks up fire wood and is about to throw it into the neighbor's yard. Anyone know the name of the song and who sings/made it?