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For the past weeks Fox has been showing promos of their season premier and I can't figure out who the performer is. Any ideas?

(not "california")
no clue... do you have any more details for the song? type of music, male/female voice, lyrics, etc... details!
It starts as a mostly an instrumental song (possibly edited that way) towards the end of the commercial, a male voice comes in (can't remember the lyrics but it's soft and harmonic). Sounds like a cross between Radiohead and Phantom Planet.
Just remembered the lyrics: Breath in.
Searched on itunes and found it: Paloalto, Breathe In.

Hey, does anyone know that song playing in the background for the next episode of The OC commercial on Fox?; the episode where they kiss for the first time....

That TV show plays such good background music.

If you can enlighten me, thanks! :D
...and a little research pays off.

"Paint the Silence"- South -

(I love talking to myself =)
the name of the performer is Gavin McGraw or very close too that. I know first name is Gavin
what is the name of the song in the commercial for OC for 6 episodes remaining?
I don't watch the show, but in a commercial I heard this song and I REALLY liked the sound of it, it was rock music, a guy was singing, I couldn't make out any of the lyrics, but of course it's played on FOX, (the commercial) and it's about a new episode, and it showed Marissa kissing the blondie guy and then someone was holding someone else in a fireman's carry as a silhoutte and it had writing on the screen like, "It's never too late" or some crap like that. But I really liked that song and I really want to find out what it is!! Thanks so much guys!!!
Hmm, I'm not sure, I'll check it out. Thanks for your reply!
if it featured some piano and a guy who sounds like coldplay then it is phantom planet - california
The song is California by Phantom Planet, I've checked withseveral of my friends, and we're all tv guru's and that's what the song is for that particular commercial.
well i listened to the song after i downloaded it (the one fromt he new commercial) and it doesnt sound like the one on the commercial.... :p