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Hey everyone,
Alright I need some help here. I'm trying to find the song from Lord of the Rings, a very popular one. I think of this song, and the main title song everytime I think of the Trilogy. It gets stuck in your head very easily. The only part I can remember off hand of when it is in the movie is from The Two Towers when Legolas and Aragon are running to try and catch up with Pippin and the other dude. Its a song that is in every movie I'm fairly sure..its an uptempo ballad, with horns, its a very triumphant sounding piece. Wish this message had a sound clip so I could hum the tune cause it would give it away immediately. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
It sounds like your describing "The Riders of Rohan" from the Two Towers Soundtrack found here, track 3.
Thanks for the reply but I ended up answering my own question. It was the Urak-Hai song from The Two Towers. Thanks again,
Whats the name of the song that plays when the ents start to march out of the forest when they see its been cut down?

What I know is that it has this high pitch one person singing in the background doing choir.
I didn't listen to the sample, but Enya has a song called "May It Be" that was the "feature" song of the first movie.
Edit: its one of the first scenes in the film

I'm looking for the score that plays in the scene where Frodo is dreaming about what happened to Gandalf The Grey. When hes standing on the bridge pass and fights the dragonish creature with the whip, they both fall and there is a montage of them falling and battling to just about the end of middle earth. Its a real classical sort of score.

I couldnt find it in the samples
The music that plays over the intro, all through Gandalf falling through earth while battling the monster (can't remember what it's called) is the first track off the score - Foundations of Stone. The fight starts about 1:49 in and ends at about 3:49, so it's the last 2 min or so of the song. The sample on Amazon is 30 sec from the first minute or so which is why it probably didn't sound right.

(Note: I just watched that scene and listened to the track on my CD to answer this LOL so I know it's all good :lol: )
Also, on the Complete Recordings set of The Two Towers this track is called "Glamdring". It's the same piece of music though... :)
quick question, what is the title of the song that plays when gandalf and the riders of rohan arrive at helm's deep and charge down that hill?