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ok, this is offically killin me... what is the name of the song that plays in the LOTR:ROTK trailer? (I can't really describe the trailer 2 well, but if you need reference try's movie section and look at the ROTK trailer there) Any help is appreciated. Thankz. doesn't have anything up yet... but i had a post with this info in it... but when i watched the trailer again over on yahoo! - it's hard to tell the difference between 'isengard unleashed' & 'forth earlingas' that 3rd song... i dunno.

my two towers cd is packed away and i only ripped like 2 songs... i really do recommend buying the whole thing.

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers sdtk

am i supposed to be including the adtunes referral tag?
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am i supposed to be including the adtunes referral tag?
No - you could do what others have done, and sign up for your own, and use that. :)
ooh i do have my own... but i'm sure the site could use the referral fees. ;)
Well that just goes to show how dumb I am. I haven't been using the referral tag just cause I never thought to.
What is it, and I'll do that from now on..
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What is it, and I'll do that from now on..
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It's the theme song to the film Requiem for a Dream. Apparently the marketing department for Lord of the Rings is too lazy to come up with their own music. Called "Hope Overture" by Clint Mansell and Kronos Quartet.

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What is the ASIN number?
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I don't think it's 'Hope Overture'. I think I know which song GameStarr is talking about. Does it play near the last half of the trailer? Just before Aragorn starts up with his speech "I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me....."

I've been dying to find out what that song is. I'm not sure it's on the soundtrack. I've only found one sample of it on the soundtrack through the Apple Music Store (but then again, I haven't listened to every single song).

"Minas Tirith"

I hope there's a version of it like the one in the trailer or I'll feel really cheated.
The Requiem For a Dream music was indeed used in a LOTR trailer, but it wasn't for Return of the King. It was used for The Two Towers.

Anyway, I know that the music for the ROTK trailer is taken from the soundtrack to second film. I don't know which track(s), though.
itz definitely Minas Tirith so thanx... but it sounds different from the one in the damn trailer. Like the one in the trailer has a loud drum (i suppose) at certain points towardz the climax... Maybe that's a different version or sumthin but thanx anyway.
in one of the many short trailers for RotK, u hear music, then u hear a woman singing "eee EEE eeee EEEE: eeee EEEE eeeee EEEEE", and i want it, so n e help would be great.
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Did you check the songs/information listed at the link JCA provided? Have you been able to find a link of the trailer you're referring to online, so others could watch it and know exactly which song you're after? bad...and yep ive checked the link and nope i havnt found a link to the trailer im talkin bout, ive looked and looked and i cant find it, but it was also at the end of the first unlockable video("Peter Jackson & Berry Osbourne talk about the game") on the Two Towers xbox(most likely the other systems as well) video game.
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(Yo)u hear a woman singing "eee EEE eeee EEEE: eeee EEEE eeeee EEEEE", and (I) want it, so (a)n(y) help would be great.
A complete shot in the dark, but take a listen to "Aniron" by Enya and see if they sampled that track for the trailer.