The Interpreter

The only song I remember from the trailer was F**k This S**t (12) on the SAW soundtrack. Somethings wrong with my comp so I cant get the trailer, but I saw a preview for it on some show and thats what it was.
I believe the song is Fu** this Sh** off of the SAW soundtrack. Number 12 on the cd. Hope this helps
i would like to know this too...



btw it's the part at the end of the trailer when the credits appear... it sounds so familiar but I just can't point it :rolleyes:
The music at the start sounds like 'Berlin Foot Chase' from The Bourne Supremacy (John Powell).

The music near the end sounds very familiar, but I can't quite pin-point it. I think The Negotiator opening titles sounded a lot like that though...
Definately "Berlin Foot Chase" by John Powell from "The Bourne Supremacy" for the first part... but the second part is freaking me out. It's NOT from "The Negotiator," even though it sounds like it... but it still screams GRAEME REVELL, has that touch to it.

I'll keep digging until I find it or someone else does ;)

It probably is from The Negotiator. When I heard the song in the trailer I knew it was

"Rise" by Craig Armstrong.

Its not a part of The Negotiator score. Its from Craig Armstorngs "The Chill Out Album"
Cosmo, you were right. Thanks. It is 'Rise' by Craig Armstrong.

Definately "Berlin Foot Chase" by John Powell from "The Bourne Supremacy" for the first part...

You are all wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is from The Bourne Identity album. Track 4: At The Bank
can someone tell me what the name of the music is that plays at the beginning fothe trailer right after the universal logo up untill f**k this s**t starts to play?
does anyone know the name of the opening track yet for the trailer to this film? up until f**k this s**t starts to play?