Ah yes finally, this was also the music I was searching for in the Spiderman 2 Critic review tv spot.
USA Network Hulk

Does anyone know the tune played during the commercial for the Hulk movie, which has been airing on USA Network? I swear it's an oldie but I can't for the life of me remember the song. I think it has the word "Monster" in it...
I think the song is "Green Eyed Monster". Not sure who sings it. Anyone? Anyone?
I got a reply from USA Networks....

"Monster" by Fred Schneider & the Shake Society, though it’s a
newly-recorded version and not the original.

USA Answer Man
I'm not sure who does the version heard on the promo.

However, the song was originally done by Fred Schneider (of B-52's fame).

It's called "Monster (In My Pants)."