The Incredibles

does anyone know the first song of the trailer? when they were passing thru the "creators of..." toystory, monsters inc, and finding nemo. it had a nice beat to it.
I'm fairly positive that it's a song by Jane's Addiction, but I don't really know any of their music besides a couple singles here and there. It plays towards the middle of the ad when he's running through the jungle.

Edit: After looking at a couple other trailers online, the song's used in all of the family's profile spots, not just Dash's.
Actually, the song in the link above is NOT the Propellerheads.
The song is not in the soundtrack. The song is "The Planet Plan" by United Future Organization. Say, thankya.
Actually, I was just listening to the track alone. The music in question is "Escape From Piz Gloria And Ski Chase" by John Barry for On Her Majesty's Secret Service.